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Ryker Jeans Foundation Collection

We started with a blank canvas and thought, what do we want from a pair of jeans? The things that kept jumping out were all related to quality, comfort and the fit.

Quality Assured

Jeans have always meant to be hard wearing ever since their origins as durable workwear in the late 1800's. Whilst a lot of things have changed for the better since then, one thing that hasn't is the rise of fast fashion and decline of quality products.

When designing our jeans, we wanted them to not just look good, but look good for longer. We chose a mid-weight denim rather than flimsy lightweight fabric, use double stitched seams to contain powerful legs and re-engineered the crotch to try and reduce the common wearing out problem a lot of people experience.

Get Comfortable

Whilst we wanted our jeans to be durable, we refused to sacrifice comfort and crafted them so you never want to take off your new favourite jeans. We could have made our jeans out of a stiff rigid fabric like those workwear jeans of the 1800's, but who wants to wear jeans that feel like concrete?

Our jeans are made from a soft, super stretchy premium fabric, with a custom fit and flex panels to give you extra freedom when sitting, squatting, lunging or whatever else you might find yourself getting up to...

Athletic Fit Denim

Regular, Slim, Skinny, Bootcut, Straight, Spray-on etc. The list of fits is endless, but nothing we tried ever seemed to hit the spot for bigger, athletic legs. 

We asked ourselves, "what is the best fit for athletic builds?" and it became obvious it should be an Athletic Fit, so we got to work creating one. With countless hours of revisions, resets and visits back to the drawing board, we built our signature Athletic Fit from the ground up, with full custom sizing and a unique style.

It starts at the top with a baseline waist size, which is then paired with a high stretch waistband to allow for natural variations in waist measurements.

Moving down we add in extra tolerance for powerful glutes, quads and hamstrings, before tapering back in at the knee for that perfect silhouette.

Finally, we sprinkle in some magic to help enhance those calves (or cows, right?) and finish with a snug fit at the ankle. 

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