Athletic Fit Denim Size Guide

Our Athletic Fit jeans are built from the ground up to provide the optimum fit for powerful legs. We designed them to accommodate big glutes, strong quads and defined calves, using a combination of athletic sizing and a high-stretch, premium material.

Our jeans are typically more generous and forgiving than you are used to and can accommodate bigger legs within a "range" of waist sizes.

Waist size and how form fitting you like your jeans are key when finding the perfect size.

As a general guide using your waist measurements and the table below:

  • If you've previously sized up to accommodate bigger legs or prefer a tailored fit, we'd suggest that you shop true to size in Ryker Jeans.

  • If you are leaner or prefer a figure hugging fit, we'd recommend you size down.

    Size Guide Table - Jeans

    With free delivery, free exchanges and free part-order returns, you can confidently try a range of sizes to ensure you get the perfect fit!

    Some tips for the perfect fit are:

    • If you you have a lean body type or a noticeably smaller waist compared to leg size, we would recommend you size down.
    • If you prefer a form-hugging fit, you can still size down and be comfortable thanks to our Athletic Fit and stretch fabric
    • For stocky body types, we would recommend you go true to size, our Athletic fit and stretch fabric means you no longer have to size-up for comfort.

    If you have any specific questions or want more information you can reach out to us via the Contact Us section on our website or on social media.