Competition Rules

These terms and conditions apply to all competitions, prize draws and similar promotions posted on the @rykerjeans Instagram page.

All promotions offered on @rykerjeans are run by Ryker & Rae Ltd (Ryker Jeans).

Some of our promotions are a prize draw that you can enter simply by liking, commenting and reposting our posts, others may be a competition that requires an element of skill and we will select a winner based on specified criteria.

Please look carefully at each particular post to see whether we are offering a simple prize draw or a competition.

Anyone entering any form of Ryker Jeans competition must only be entering for themselves. Anyone found to be entering for someone else, may have their win revoked.

General Terms

  1. Unless it expressly states in the post that delivery is free, you will need to pay for your chosen delivery method.
  2. Winners will be notified via their Instagram or Facebook account depending on the origin of the competition. You may be asked to provide further personal details (such as your name, contact information and perhaps a date of birth). This information will be collected and used subject to our Privacy Policy. We will use this information only for identification purposes when issuing prizes.
  3. You may need to show your Instagram/Facebook tag or private message when confirming your prize.
  4. You may need to show Photo ID (Driving License or Passport) on delivery/issue of the prize that matches the name on your confirmation. This information will only be requested for verification purposes and will not be used for marketing purposes. No one else is permitted to collect the prize on your behalf.
  5. By submitting an entry, you acknowledge that your information may be processed by Ryker Jeans for the purpose of prize allocation.
  6. One entry per person only unless explicitly stated. No multiple entries unless explicitly stated, we reserve the right to cancel or disallow entrants where we have a reasonable suspicion of multiple entries.
  7. Incomplete, late, illegal, racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise offensive entries will be discounted, as will any entry that is found to have infringed the IP rights of a third party. Any creative entries must come from a non-private account to be eligible.
  8. Copyright in the entry will belong to the entrant but you hereby give Ryker & Rae Ltd and its affiliates a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free licence to use such copyright for promotion and marketing purposes.
  9. Ryker Jeans staff have the right to cancel or refuse purchase at any time when acting in a reasonable manner. Safety and security of our staff is paramount at all times.
  10. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Prize Draws

If you see a post that asks you to ‘regram’, repost, share and/or like, comment, follow, or subscribe in order to enter, that is a prize draw and the following terms will apply:

  1. To enter you will need to follow @rykerjeans on Instagram or the official Ryker Jeans page on Facebook and be 18+.
  2. The post will say "you have a chance to win" or similar. Having a chance to ‘win’ simply means that we will randomly select a specified number of entrants who will win the prize offered and will not have to pay for the specified prize (although we will stipulate in the post whether or not you will have to pay for the cost of the delivery method of your choosing).
  3. If you wish to enter the prize draw you may be required to download the Instagram or Facebook app in order to comment, share or follow as specified by the terms on the post.
  4. You may be requested to provide any information we require to allocate the most suitable prize upon being chosen– such as your preferred size.
  5. For each prize draw, the following criteria will be specified in the post:
    • Any start date or closing date during which time you need to complete the actions specified. Entries outside of this period will not be valid.
    • The product/collection available if limited to specific items (this may be a photograph).
    • any limitation of eligibility for that particular post (for example, if the prize draw is only available to UK customers)