About Us

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Founded in West Yorkshire; Ryker Jeans were born out of the struggle to find jeans we loved, fed up with the constant frustration of restrictive sizing, uncomfortable fits and poor quality denim.

Our Mission: to create the best jeans possible for athletic bodies.

It really is as simple as that! It shapes our vision and drives us forward.

Like Yorkshire, RYKER has Scandinavian heritage. It’s meaning is of riches, power and strength. These are all values that resonate with us, designing high quality jeans for powerful bodies and determined minds.

What inspires us?

We understand that all bodies are different and everyone has their own style when it comes to finding the perfect fit, but there were common struggles that started to emerge and we wanted to solve them!

One of the most common issues is that a lot of jeans out there aren't really designed for athletic physiques with bigger, stronger legs.

Stop trying to fit your jeans and get jeans that fit you!

Sure you could squeeze yourself into a pair of flimsy jeggings or size way up in a pair of stiff boxy jeans, but we know there is a better way.

Discover our Athletic Fit jeans

Athletes can come in all shapes and sizes; you might love Rugby, Cycling, Running, Football, Swimming, CrossFit, Strongman, or simply trying to become Quadzilla in the gym, the list is endless.

If you like to move your body, for whatever reason, then you're an athlete and we believe you deserve to look and feel your best.

In an Athletic Fit from Ryker Jeans you can expect shaping tailored towards bigger legs, with extra room for strong glutes, quads and calves, all backed up by our high stretch denim fabric.

This is denim... designed with fit in mind.